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Wire & Cable Accessories

As your total cable management solution, we provide an array of plastic fasteners and wire management devices including cable-ties, cable clips, clamps, and bundling products. ICO RALLY's line of lacing tapes and cords are available in Nylon, Dacron, Linen, and Teflon coated fiberglass with various finishes available.

Wire & Cable AccessoriesWire & Cable Accessory Products:

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GromstripThis product can be cut to desired lengths and inserted into any hole, regardless of configuration. Gromstrip requires minimum space, grips surfaces snugly, and won’t jar loose. Wherever wires pass through a metal piece, Gromstrip used on the sharp edges will protect against fraying and cut-through of the wires.

  • GSN - Continuous Nylon Gromstrip
  • GSNC - Continuous Serrated Nylon Gromstrip
  • GSNCM - Molded Mil-Spec Nylon Gromstrip
  • GSP - Continuous Polyethylene Gromstrip
  • GSPC - Continuous Serrated Polyethylene Gromstrip

Lacing Tape & CordLacing Tape & Cord

Available in a range of materials and finishes, this product is primarily used for cable-bundling in high-temperature environments. Various configurations allow easier handling of the material, reduced fraying, and improved knot retention.

  • LCL - Linen Lacing Cord
  • LCN - Nylon Lacing Cord
  • LTD - Dacron Lacing Tape
  • LTN - Nylon Lacing Tape
  • LTT - Teflon Lacing Tape

Adhesive Clips & Cable
      ClampsAdhesive Clips & Cable Clamps

These products are made out of resilient materials and used in many electrical and non-electrical applications. They are available in various widths and provide quick and secure mounting systems.

Wire Ties & Accessories

Wire Ties &
      AccessoriesThese wire ties and accompanying accessories offer excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, oils, and radiation and are suitable for bundling wires and cables in various applications.

  • WRN - Nylon Wire Ties
  • WRN-S - Screwdown Nylon Wire Ties
  • WRN-T - Tefzel Wire Ties
  • WTCA - Identification Tag Wire Ties
  • WTCM - Cable Tie Mounting Base
  • WTT - Wire Tie Tensioning Tool

Round Vinyl Caps

Round Vinyl Caps

Used for a variety of applications including color coding, dust barriers, insulators, thread protectors, paint masking, and cosmetic decoration. They are resistant to weather, moisture, oxidation and petroleum products.

Vinyl GrommetsVinyl Grommets

Vinyl Grommets are inexpensive, flexible, and oil resistant. They have a high dielectric strength and outstanding aging qualities. The standard color is black.

  • GV - Vinyl Grommets


download wire and cable accessories brochure