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About Us


ICO RALLY's vision is to be recognized as a world-class leader in the supply and distribution of electronic products, materials and related services.


ICO RALLY's mission is to serve the global high performance materials market by supplying products, technology, and services that consistently deliver value as defined by their customers.

Quality Policy

Provide customers with the highest quality products & on-time delivery
Lead with established quality objectives and measured performance
Understand and fulfill customer, regulatory, statutory, and organizational requirements
Strive for total customer satisfaction and continual improvement of the quality management system


ICO RALLY, with over 60 years of business experience, develops, manufactures and distributes electronic materials, components and specialty products for technologically advanced industries.

Strong relationships with industry leaders together with our core of specialized engineers and highly qualified sales professionals make ICO RALLY a valuable and trusted partner. From early stage design to advanced inventory management, ICO RALLY is dedicated to provide technology-driven solutions and unparalleled service.

ICO RALLY has established and supports an extensive network of distributors in order to better serve our customers. ICO RALLY products serve a wide range of markets in the electronics industry, including:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Computer and Peripherals
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electric and Power
  • Government
  • HVAC
  • Industrial and MRO
  • Instrumentation
  • Marine
  • Medical and Health Sciences
  • Public Safety
  • Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation

Letter from the President


Dear Valued Customer,

ICO RALLY's continued investment in technology, advanced logistics and employee development has driven our reputation as a respected innovator in our industry.

As an AS9100 certified and diversity qualified women-owned business, ICO RALLY is committed to the highest standards of quality, corporate citizenship and business practices.

You have my personal assurance that you will receive our utmost in customer service, reliable on-time delivery, technical support and quality of products.

We look forward to assisting your needs.


Edwina M. Cioffi

Edwina M. Cioffi
ICO RALLY / ESCO Components