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Specialty Tapes

ICO RALLY provides a complete line of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes that exhibit chemical and heat resistance, electrical insulation, and abrasion resistance for use in various applications including harnessing, splicing, masking, and sealing. Materials include fiberglass, polyimide, PTFE, and polyester in conjunction with silicone, acrylic, and rubber adhesives.

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Polyimide  FilmPolyimide Film

Produced using a high-temperature polyimide film. Suitable for various high temperature applications and commonly used in printed circuit board applications. Aside from its high-temperature characteristics, it also exhibits high mechanical and thermal stability, as well as resistance to radiation damage.

  • TK - Polyimide Film

Teflon FilmTeflon Film

TT1 tape is produced using a skived Teflon film. Applications include packaging equipment, heat sealing applications, graphics arts, electrical insulation, and multi-purpose industrial uses. TT2 tape is a stretchier version, with higher tensile strength. Characteristics include excellent resistance to chemicals, high dielectric strength, high temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance.

  • TT - Teflon Film

Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass Tape

A high temperature fiberglass tape, resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Suitable for various high temperature applications, TG tape has excellent mechanical strength and correspondingly high tensile strength. Additionally, these tapes have a printable surface for labeling purposes.

  • TG - Fiberglass Tape

Copper / Aluminum Foil TapeCopper / Aluminum Foil Tape

These foil tapes are used where EMI is of concern. The conductivity of the metals allow electromagnetic absorption and isolation. Frequently used around shielded connectors and devices, the adhesives on these tapes can be specially formulated to enhance their EMI characteristics.

  • TC - Copper Foil Tape
  • TA - Aluminum Foil Tape

Polyester Tape

Polyester Tape

Available in a range of colors, their main applications include graphic arts, splicing, electrical insulation, film seaming, and repair. These tapes offer good adhesive wet out and low adhesion properties. Several of these are used to print and wrap over capacitors.

  • TP - Polyester Tape

FEP Tape

FEP Tape

Manufactured from clear FEP Teflon film and bonded with silicone adhesive. This tape offers very high electric strength (V/mil) compared to the other tapes available. Often used for coil and transformer insulation, and for identification labels due to its transparency.

  • TF - FEP Tape

Glass / Teflon Tape

Glass / Teflon Tape

Consists of standard grade Teflon impregnated with fiberglass. The Teflon coating provides superior chemical inertness while the fiberglass adds dimensional stability and restricts Teflon cold flow. The Teflon also provides a quick release surface and is often used in heat-sealing machines, plastic bag manufacturing and roll can covering.

  • TGT - Glass / Teflon Tape